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Yvonne Boudreaux
Sr. Customer Service Specialist at Halliburton
Adrien is very caring/compassion person when it come to her clients. You walk into her office and most times
she can detect where you are hurting by your walk. Many times I did not have to tell her what was going on in
my body as she said sometime to me before I could tell her. Adrien has help me in more ways than one. I have
lots of stress in my life and she helps releive my level of stress weekly. I beleive in treatement of Cranionsacral. I
look forward to my treaments weekly. She has keep me sane all of these years. She is the best in the business.

Rosemary Troxle
Regulatory Affairs
Adrian helped me throughout my first pregnancy - I had carpal tunnel, heightened allergies and sinus issues
and trouble sleeping. Her gentle, expert touch relieved all of those symtoms and more. She is the best
craniosacral practitioner in Houston!

John Yates
International Marketing Professional, MBA
Adrien is truly a master of her craft. She delivers consistent, high-quality results, is knowledgeable about many
health-related issues, and is exceptionally friendly and respectful. I would recommend her to anyone seeking
therapeutic massage treatment.

Chris Boyers
General Manager - Addax Petroleum US
Adrien sets the standard for pain management and stress reduction through massage therapy. She is a highly
knowledgeable professional and her consistent results are nothing short of remarkable.

Pauline Gianfala, MBA, PMP
Project Manager
I’ve been going to Adrien for treatment for a few years and she is most skillful and gifted massage therapist I’ve
ever been to. I highly recommend Adrien’s massage and craniosacral therapy.

Jonathan Kaye
Product Management Leader
Adrien is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. She also who provides great customer service.

Kirk Hickey
Staff Auditor at MHMRA Harris County
Adrien came very highly recommended to me from a colleague who has a few physical pain issues. Two years
ago I suffered from sciatica, a pain that forced me to stand at times, sit at other times, but the pain was extreme.
I visited Adrien at her old office location, and she placed her hands on me and noticed the nerve in my leg had
twisted, and during the session, she said she could feel it unraveling. At the end of the therapy session, the
symptoms disappeared completely. I need to go see Adrien for conversation, wisdom and her fine healing skills.

Barbara Chamberlin
Computer Software Professional
Adrien knows what she is doing. She is an expert at relieving tension and pain effectively. She is pleasant and
friendly with excellent bedside manners.

Dana Castleberry
Quality Assurance Specialist - Documentation at Texas Tissue Converting LLC
Adrien Daniel is not only a gifted craniosacral therapist, she is passionate about health and her genuine care
for her client's health is evident in the personable way she treats them. She starts by listening to specific,
verbally communicated needs and discusses this with her client to gain understanding and become acquainted
with her client. The gift she possesses is revealed as she progresses and starts to listen to the body and to
address the root cause(s). As a result of my sessions with Adrien, my sleep greatly improved, I learned from her
suggestions how to handle the daily stress of a very demanding position from, and I gained understanding of
how my body is designed to work together as well as heal itself with the proper care given from me. We are
each a temple and we must treat our bodies with care and not neglect them. I am thankful for Adrien being a
part of my healing and continued health. I recommend Adrien Daniel and will continue to implement her valuable
services in my quest for optimal health.

Naomi J Hardy Speaker/Consultant
Director, West Energy Corridor at Public Speakers Association
Adrien is a very knowledgeable message therapist. She taught me so much about my body, how it functions,
how to relax and breathe and her massage techniques 'cranial massage' in particular was outstanding. I am so
relaxed with Adrien that I fall asleep each time on her table (probably snored a few times :). If you are looking for
an outstanding massage therapist that 'knows' exactly what to do and performs with integrity, ease and
knowledge, I strongly suggest Adrien. Everyone I referred to her has provided me with positive feedback.

Elyse Collins
President-Creative Director
I highly recommend Adrien Daniel for anyone coping with pain or medical issues. Over the years, she has used
Cranial Sacral and Massage therapies on me to treat pain in my neck, shoulders, back and legs. I find her to be
very intuitive. For example: I may have a pain in my body and she places her hand on the painful area before I
can even tell her the location. I have  tried different body therapies over the years, including Rolfing, Swedish
massage, Trager and many others. They are all good, but I find the Cranial Sacral method to be most profound
in the changes I undergo. Adrien is compassionate, caring and listens very carefully to her patients.

Pat Rosenberg
Adrien has been my massage therapist for many years. She has always addressed the variety of stress related
symptoms. I always feel much better when I leave and also sleep much better.

Melissa Flories
Direct Response Specialist - Let's put a pencil to it.
Adrien has been my massage therapist for many years. She does a great job and I have always had great
results. She can arrest problems without the use of medications and she identifies the "real" problem and heals

Karla Prieto
Attorney at Fong & Associates, LLP
Twice in my life I've found myself experience a lot of physical pain. I have certain neck problems that would
create so much pain that even falling asleep was difficult. A good friend of mine referred me to Adrien. From the
first time I met her, she's paid careful attention to my needs. She's cooperated with other professionals to give
me the treatment that is best suited for me. And she's provided me with information and suggestions to change
certain aspects and improve my health. I've made steady progress and am now pain free, thanks in great part
to her. Additionally, she is very professional, very cordial, and a tries to be flexible and considerate of one's
busy schedule.

Layne Hamon
Director of Recruiting Services at Rilco Engineering Services
Adrien is a true professional in her field of massage therapy and has a vast knowledge on the human body,
organs, pressure points, veins, muscles, etc. She is very personable and gives great out-of-the-box solutions to
problems your body could be experiencing. I highly recommend her, and have made my mother and girlfriend
her clients as well.