a sports injury...
While playing golf, I severely pulled a muscle in my back and the
pain was incredible.  I knew what to expect with this injury as I had
experienced it a couple of times before.  I also knew that I usually
couldn't get out of bed the following day.  After a few hours of
intense pain, I just couldn't take it anymore and I called Adrien.  It
was well after 10pm but that did not seem to matter.  She met with
me immediately and worked for 45 minutes to help me get rid of the
intense pain.  After only that one treatment from Adrien, I was able
to sleep well and although I was a bit sore for the next couple of
days, I was able to get back to my regular schedule without any
Christopher H., Engineering Project Manager

sciatic nerve pain...
Adrien has been such a big help through my husband's sciatic
nerve inflammation. Adrien proved to be instrumental as a sort of
interpreter for his nerve clusters, muscles and tendons using
Craniosacral Therapy.  Her insight has helped us communicate with
the doctors and physical therapists beyond superficial information.  
She is a warm and caring person with a true gift for healing.
Sandra and Michael B., Editor and Graphics Artist
no disappointment here...
I felt so relaxed after my one hour session with Adrien. She was just
gentle enough, but also applied the perfect amount of pressure
right where I needed it.  I live far away in North Carolina and my
mom had such great results, she decided I needed to experience
this as well. Adrien is a caring and talented woman who is truly
dedicated to giving you the results you want.  If you've never been
to a truly great massage therapist before, I highly recommend
seeing Adrien. And if you have, give her a try anyway... its the
therapist who makes the difference and you will not be
Besa T., Major Network Newscaster
hip, leg and back pain after knee replacement...
way I could hop a plane and go anywhere.  The doctor sent me to Post Surgical Physical Therapy
and it did not address my thigh, leg and low back pain.  They just said I'd have to work through it.  
Now, with Adrien's help, my knee, thigh and low back pain is gone!   What people should know is that
Adrien is a very good healing therapist. She has proven that Craniosacral Therapy and Massage is
far more healing than even Post Surgical Physical Therapy.  I highly recommend her!
Judy M., Frequent Traveler

severe headaches, poor sleep...
I feel so much better.  I'm still getting a mild headache every now and then, but not nearly as bad as
it was before.  Also, I sleep so soundly since Adrien’s treatment.  This CranioSacral Therapy really
Karla P., Law Student

fast results of treatment...
I did not know what to expect from CranioSacral Therapy, but I am amazed at the effects. I was not
sure what would happen, but the next day, I could feel major shifts in my body.  Adrien is a
compassionate, intuitive healer.
Elyse C., Advertising Executive

long-term migraine headaches, chronic neck, back and shoulder pain...
I have had terrible migraine headaches, chronic neck, back and shoulder pain for years and have
had to take daily medications to help me just get through my day. Since beginning with Adrien, my
range of motion has increased and my pain has reduced greatly.  I no longer need daily medication
and the pain has decreased greatly. I will continue to heal - this works.  I highly recommend Adrien's
therapy sessions to anyone with migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain. This helps stop the pain
and the need for constant medications.
Ann M., Housewife

helpful for arthritis...
I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Adrien. Though I did not have much prior experience with
massage therapy, I could see that this can be very helpful for my arthritis condition. I recommended
Adrien to my family and friends and several have gone in for sessions and they enjoyed it. Adrien is
very experienced and knowledgeable in her field. She takes all the time needed to understand her
customers concerns prior to beginning work and then provides the needed therapy very carefully
and efficiently. You leave feeling great!
Diane T., Information Technology Manager

neck mobility...
Couldn't turn my head to right and neck was tight and had many tension knots. Treatment relieved
pressure on head and shoulders. I can now turn my head both ways and it feels great. Adrien is one
of the best. No other therapist has done what Adrien has done for my back and neck.
Ruby C., Grandmother

foot injury...
After injuring my foot, I had pain and problems bending my big toe.  My recovery had been very slow,
but after just one session with Adrien, my range of motion has greatly increased without pain. Adrien
is very good about following up with me regarding the areas that needed special attention. The fact
that she is interested in feedback lets me know that she cares about doing a good job. I would
recommend Adrien to anyone who needs a good massage therapist to look after them.
Grace Y., Financial Planner

shoulder pain...
I’ve had a problem with my shoulder a long time and after our sessions, my shoulder is feeling a
100% better. I can move my shoulder now without any pain. Adrien is very professional and is very
sensitive to the needs of her clients. I will recommend her to all my friends and family.
Pauline G., Information Technology Manager

fast results...
Just had a wonderful massage this morning and I feel great. Adrien worked on my shoulders and
hips and I certainly can tell the improvement already. Look forward to seeing her every other week.
Yes, I would recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of bodywork.  Her sessions are very
professional, educational and you just feel great.
Bonnie H., Retired Banker

one of the best...
Good pressure and techniques applied. Attentive to the special requests.  Pleasant person. I've had
many massages from around the country and the world, and Adrien is one of the best!  She
combines an excellent balance of firm pressure relaxing soft strokes.
Jonathan K., VP of Information Technology
832-746-2902 (Voice and Text)   Adrien@AdrienDaniel.com