Adrien is a native of Houston where she was born and has lived most
of her life. Her mission is to help people heal through CranioSacral
Therapy and Massage.  She enjoys the study of the human nervous
system, anatomy and physiology and recognizes that our bodies and
systems were designed to heal given the right care.  

She is licensed by the State of Texas and is a member of the
International Association of Healthcare Practioners and a student of
the Upledger Institute.  She shares case-study information with
practitioners of CranioSacral Therapy to address the needs of
clients in the United States and around the world.  Having
experienced CranioSacral Therapy as a client first, and then as a
therapist, she provides a unique perspective on the benefits of the

She has also participated in university and medical school studies,
and various practitioner groups, that focus on Bell's Palsy and other
nervous system issues related to nerve pain and paralysis.  She
knows that every positive change that comes to us in our health and
well-being is because we believe we will have it.  She is a member of
The Peale Center for Positive Thinking and encourage her clients to
believe in themselves and know that God has given us the potential
to have what we want for our health, and our lives.
"Most importantly, my greatest joy is to share my skills and talents  
with my friends and clients and to work with them toward having a
positive change happen in their health and their lives.  I am so
thankful for the healing that has been received by myself, my friends
and clients through my work.  It is my honor, and calling, to share
this gift."   ~   Adrien Daniel